PRS Custom 24 Review – Is It The Readymade Guitar For Studio And Stage?

In this modern PRS SE Custom 24 review, I will review to you why this guitar is one of the hottest selling products on the market today. If you have ever found yourself looking for the guitar that you can afford, without breaking your bank, which will give you quality outcomes in terms of product specifications to product performance, then you come to the right place. Just make sure you this PRS SE Custom 24 review until the end. This is the most in-depth review so far, that explains every detail about this guitar. Let’s dive in together!

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What Makes This Instrument A Great One?

The PRS SE Custom 24 guitar is ideally for newbie as well as seasoned ‘old timers’ guitarists. It is made of high-quality products and produces high-quality sound according to customer’s expectations. Thanks to Paul Smith and the team for their great work on this product. Furthermore, you are unlikely to find this ready-made, high-quality studio and stage instrument at that price (under $1500).

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The PRS SE Custom 24 is an elegant and classic product that is made of a high-quality product that you can be proud of carrying around. In addition, it comes handy, with different tonal options that you can choose from. Once you get hold of your hands on this instrument, you will wish you bought it much earlier. Because chances are high, you will be amazed not only about its looks, but its performance as well which is beyond most customers’ expectations when it is compared to other products of the same price range. Anyway, that is what Paul Smith the creator of high-quality guitars worldwide is best known for – making high-quality, durable, and versatile products at affordable prices.

Is The PRS SE Custom 24 For Everyone?

Yes, the PRS SE Custom 24 guitar is for everyone. It is meant for newbie /student players who are joining the music world as well as seasoned players who have been in the industry for some time now. In short, those joining and those who want to upgrade their music careers.

With its specifications and performance qualities that are similar to the PRS flagship plus the affordable price, I can confidently say that this instrument is ideal for you if you would want to upgrade and improve your music career. Therefore, if you want to get the best quality instrument, at a wallet-friendly budget, then you must consider investing in this exceptionally custom-made PRS guitar now.

The PRS SE CUSTOM 24 comes with boasting classic specifications, including a fret neck design, PRS designed tremolo system including a bird inlay system, which makes it look great too. As usual, you will find Pau Reed Smith’s signature on the instrument to authenticate it. Generally, the PRS SE Custom 24 has all the major highlights of the core custom 24 guitars.

Strokes Found On The PRS SE Custom 24

The custom 24 guitars are identical to each other, their difference lies in the pickups and switching system on each instrument. The PRS SE Custom 24 guitar uses the Indonesian ‘S’ versions with a more modern-sounding of 85/15 humbuckers. They are made with regular-shaped humbucker bobbins, which look different from the USA versions that have rectangular bobbins called squabbins. These are mounted on standard mountain rings with a single row of slot-head poles. They also have a single row of non-adjustable slugs.


The PRS SE Custom 24 guitars have a three-way lever switch that helps with volume control as well as tone adjustment. In addition, they have a pull switch on the other side that voices both the slug coil simultaneously. Furthermore, the PRS SE Custom 24 offers six sounds presets. Frankly speaking, its quality is far beyond many people’s expectations.

The PRS SE Custom 24’s “S” Pickups, Sound And Feel?

The PRS SE Custom 24 has been in the industry for some time now. The model and design certainly capture the style and great taste in ensuring quality with sound. The neck design, which is wide and slim, is eminently playable. When it comes to sound the PRS SE Custom 24 covers a wide ground. These guitars have a sort of slightly hot vintage voice in humbucker mode. This helps it to suits many other users.

The Pickups Of The PRS SE Custom 24

Pickups on the PRS SE Custom 24 come with a great split across its review board. They are well designed for modern applications that focus on clarity. They come fully loaded with alnico magnets that are uncovered.

Neck full resistance is 7.83K while the bridge resistance is at 8.64K when you use it with a clean amplifier. They produce high and great sound once you do your settings correctly on your amplifier.

It is locked with an ‘S’ series of 85/15 pickups that the standard PRS 24 carries. Few companies ever get their stock pickups right due to their attempt to cover a wider margin of preferences. Ideally, that means that you can get a set of balanced pickups that do not lean too heavily one way to another. That does not mean that they should be bad, but it oftentimes translates to sterility.

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Unfortunately, the stock pickups in the PRS SE custom 24 are made as described above. Even if this is the case, the SE custom 24 guitars have many players who still prefer to use them.

The bridge is a PRS SE Custom 24 molded tremolo design that holds its tune well even under heavy bends. The nut is made from synthetic material, while the tuners are made from chrome die-cast, which makes them feel great and helps them to hold their tune very well.


The good news is that the stock pick-up in the PRS SE Custom 24 series comes with a wide variety of tones that you can choose from. The breakup is a little soft while the roll-back tones are on a warmer side and are expressive. Therefore, as far as company-branded stock pickups go, the PRS SE Custom 24 is a success.

These guitars are more suited to progressive rock than metal. Again, if you need an optional guitar to the PRS SE Custom 24 that is slightly more inclined to metal than rock you can check out the Mark Holcomb signature. They have a wide array of great guitars you can choose from. However, with the right amplifier, the PRS SE Custom 24 guitar can also produce some great modern rock and metal tones as well as sustain, right on point.

PRS SE Custom 24 Sound

This is an incredible guitar when it comes to sound quality. Paul Smith’s guitars have stood the test of time when it comes to sound quality. So if you are looking for a guitar that is not only of greater quality but also produces awesome sound quality, then the PRS SE Custom 24 would be the right choice for you. Remember you will get this amazing instrument without breaking your bank account as well.

Apart from sounding great is also has a mid-range glow to it and is still very balanced throughout its sound options. Generally, the range of different music genres that this instrument can cover is wide.

The neck set has made the guitar resonate with it well. Even when it is used acoustically, the sound is still very much pronounced right from the guitar itself. Its coil system works great and sounds great at every stage of the setting you choose from. The snappy, as well as a bright single-coil, are also great due to the natural mid-range system. In general, the PRS SE Standard 24 guitar can produce great sound whether you need hard rock or jazz. It can produce a sound that is versatile, clear, strong, and funny at the same time.

PRS SE Custom 24 Feel

The neck on the PRS SE Custom 24 is a custom-made design, which feels great. Its neck is very thin and wide.  This makes the guitar feel very comfortable whichever way you feel like carrying it.

Frets are designed with a nice height, which does not need you to press on them very hard. This is a well-set guitar with a very nice string height. The design of the neck is made in such a way that it can fit very well in different hand sizes. The width is great for the solid rhythm playing. In addition it is made flat enough for solo as well as shredding. This is the neck design that you can carry the whole day on stage and off stage without ever feeling tired.


Comparing PRS To Standard Models

The PRS SE Custom 24 is made with a slightly different PRS patented tremolo system. SE 24 is a molded version. Standard 24 comes with a GEN III bridge as well as locking tuners. We get the assurance from the company that all different variations of the tremolo are the same except the GEN III, which has a few great updates that enhance the fidelity of the instrument’s tone.

The PRS SE Custom 24 is ideally a great option considering these two options. There is a big price gap between them (the PRS SE Custom 24 and standard models) despite having few notable differences in make and quality.

Other Factors To Consider

There are two other important factors to consider when comparing the PRS SE Custom 24 to its more expensive counterpart. The neck as well as the electronics on the instrument.

The PRS SE Custom 24 forgoes the fancy coil-tapping or parallel pickup options and uses a standard 3-way switch. Furthermore, the push and pull tone nob on the instrument makes it convenient for you to dial in both your pickups separately.

The PRS SE Custom 24 is made with a wide but thin neck, which is made from maple while the standard one has a neck made from mahogany. Other features remain the same. These include the 25” scale length, the same cool birds on the rosewood fretboard, and the same set in neck joints. For those who love maple than the PRS SE Custom 24 would be a great option to try out.

Overall Impression

ThePRS SE Custom 24 is currently steel. The 25” scale plays much easier than the fender 25.5” because of the lightened string tension. The PRS SE Custom 24 medium-jumbo frets as well as high cutaways – that that make it easier for you to access the upper fretboard, makes it a great shredder’s masterpiece guitar.

Features Of The PRS SE Custom 24

Here are some key features of the PRS SE Custom 24 you may want to take into consideration before you decide to pick this instrument.

  • Mahogany Body with Maple Top
  • Rosewood Finger Board
  • PRS Custom Wound 85/15 “S” Pickups
  • 25-inch scale with 24 Jumbo Frets
  • Perfect Rich Midrange and Bright Snap
  • Gloss Acrylic Urethane Finish
  • Wide Thin Neck Shape

Pros Of The PRS SE Custom 24

  • Quality Materials and Design of this masterpiece
  • Hardware is robust and classic
  • Awesome to play it
  • Many Great Sounds available
  • Body-color options available to choose from
  • Very Sturdy
  • Has a great tuning stability


  • Initial set up may be needed which is easy to do
  • The Whammy bar seems a bit flimsy

Body And Appearance

The PRS SE Custom 24 has a robust body that feels very comfortable when you are holding it in your laps. The ergonomics were well-considered during its design stage.


The body of the PRS SE Custom 24 is nothing out of the ordinary. It is a well-known design that was greatly inspired by old stats. It has a double-cutaway shape that looks great. This double-cutaway makes it easier to access the frets at all times.

The beautiful maple top of this mahogany body guarantees that quality is a priority in this elegant masterpiece. However, the selection of tonewood looks similar to the Maryland-made model, which looks great as well. The double-cutaway on the body adds to the beauty of the neck shape and the overall look of this exquisite piece of equipment.

Different Colours Available

The PRS SE Custom 24 comes in different but beautiful colors below; this is to ensure that you have a wide selection as you pick your best product. All the options are translucent as well as they show off the beautiful wood grain of the maple top. They pose the three (3) factors that every buyer usually looks out for, these are great finish, easy to maintain, and durability. The colors come in Four (4) options below:

  • Faded Blue Burst
  • Bonnie Pink
  • Charcoal Burst
  • Black Gold Burst

Weight for the PRS SE Custom 24

The Custom 24 SE weighs approximately 8 pounds, this makes it slightly lighter when compared to the USA-made custom 24 guitars. With whichever option you may want to consider (the USA or Indonesian) both guitar weights are made in such a way that you can carry or wear them on your shoulder for many hours without getting overwhelmed. In addition, its weight makes it easier to carry it when traveling.

Neck And Its Specifications

ThePRS SE Custom 24 comes with a tried and tested great neck features from Paul’s design of guitars. Its neck is made from a set of maple and a wide pattern. The neck measure about 25”, which makes it easier to play around with on the 24 jumbo fret rosewood fingerboard.

The wide-thin patter makes it easier and fast to play with it. The neck feels very comfortable and great to hold. The beautiful headstock on the finish makes this equipment stand out from its other competitors.

The neck of the guitar is made of maple that is extremely sturdy as a result withstanding most damage without ever getting a dent or rather a scratch. The neck material provides even more sturdiness and guarantees that the guitar gets the correct alignment. The fretboard is made of rosewood with bird designs etched into it also adds to the beauty of the instrument.

Neck Specifications On A PRS SE Custom 24

  • Maple neck
  • Number of frets: 24
  • Neck shape: Wide Thin
  • Scale: 25″
  • Fretboard width (Body): 2.25″
  • Bird Inlays
  • Fretboard width (nut): 1.69″
  • Rosewood fretboard

Why A Sleek Neck Is Great

Its beautifully designed neck makes it easier for the vibrations from the guitar to pass via the neck which later enhances the sound quality of the instrument. This feel is further transferred to your hands that later makes it or heightens your experience when playing the instrument. It further helps easy access when with tuning.


Electronic and strings on the PRS SE Custom 24

This guitar has a dual humbucker configuration with one humbucker located at the neck and the other at the bridge. These two humbuckers are very nicely set to provide the player with great power as well as great sound. These two humbuckers are very reliable, versatile, and last the player a very long time. In addition, the guitar comes with a set of very nice controls such as the volume knob, tone knob, lever for switching between pick up and the other one for switching to split the humbucker into single coils.

  • Strings: D’Addario made from Nickel – 10-46
  • Volume And Tone resistance: is 500K Alpha Potentiometers
  • Tremolo System: PRS Patented Custom
  • Tone capacitor: .022 uF

General overview

Electronics:                 4.9 out of 5 stars

Value for money:        4.9 out of 5 stars

Average:                      4.9 out of 5 stars

Hardware:                   4.9 out of 5 stars

Build Quality:             4.9 out of 5 stars

Sound:                       4.9 out of 5 stars

Specifications Of The PRS SE Custom 24

PRICE: $829 / £825 (inclusive of the gig bag)

BODY: Mahogany back with maple on the top and shallow violin carve

TYPE: Double-cutaway solid body it is electric

ORIGIN: Indonesia

SCALE LENGTH: 635mm (which is 25”)

NECK: Maple, Wide Thin profile, glued-in

FRETS: 24, medium size

NUT/WIDTH: Friction reducing / 43.2mm

FINGERBOARD: Rosewood, ‘old-school’ bird inlays, with 254mm (10”) radius

OPTIONS: For Colour only


HARDWARE: PRS patented vibrato (cast), PRS designed non-locking tuners – these are nickel-plated

WEIGHT (kg/lb): 7.6kg / 3.45lb

ELECTRICS: PRS 85/15 ‘S’ Treble and Bass humbuckers with the open coil, double black bobbins. It has a 3-way lever pickup, selector switch. Plus a Master volume and tone knob (w/ pull switch to simultaneously coil-split both humbuckers)

FINISHES: Black Gold Burst, Charcoal Burst, Bonnie Pink, Faded Blue Burst,

LEFT-HANDERS: Available in Faded Blue, Burst as well as Charcoal Burst at £845

Maintenance And Upgrades Of The PRS SE Standard 24

Generally, Poly finishes are sturdy and durable so you will not need to worry about your guitar getting dents and scratches as you work with it. Many different types of polishes can be applied to this guitar to give it a clean and shiny look after playing it. Just wipe it with a clean piece of cloth and once more you are good to go.

Rosewood will need you to recondition it at some point. Just apply lemon oil twice a year and that will help keep your guitar well-conditioned. In addition, the guitar is fitted with a double-action truss rod. This rod can be adjusted with a 7mm hexagonal socket wrench. You can use a 1.5mm hexagonal wrench to adjust the saddle height as well as the Philips head screw to help you turn the intonation screws.

Later in the guitar’s life, you will want an upgrade. Do not worry the manufactures of this great piece of equipment make it easy for you to do the upgrade as they offer a wide variety of options that perfectly fit your guitar.

You can change parts such as nuts, bridges, pickups, and saddles on your PRS SE Standard 24 guitar whenever you feel like it. Other dealers supply parts that fit well with your PRS SE Standard 24 guitar. These dealers include Graphtech, Wudtone, Dimarzio, Tonerider, Bare Knuckle Pickups, and Hipshot.

Were To Buy

You can buy this amazing piece of equipment from Amazon.

How Much Does The PRS SE Standard 24 Cost?

The PRS SE Custom 24 costs $1059.38

Here are some key points for the PRS SE Standard 24

Unique looks that PRS is known for   
Easy to play   
They have beautiful translucent finish options that displays the wood grains well   
Ergonomic design and playability   
Tonal versatility   
Great for both casual and seasoned players   
Sturdy poly finish built for the road   
Ideal upgrade from a beginner guitar   
Incredible value for the price   


What Strings Does The PRS SE Standard 24 Come With?

These PRS SE Standard 24 models are made with D’Addario nickel-wound 10-46 strings. However, they work very well with other string brands and gauges as well. If you would like a softer and smoother feel, then get a 9s or 8s. If you want to tune your guitars low then go for 12s as it will give you the perfect result.

Does It Come With A Hard Case As Well?

Yes, The PRS SE Standard 24 comes with its own PRS SE gig bag. Although this is an optional add-on. You can as well look out for Gator and Mono as they too have guitar cases that work for the SE guitar range.

What Magnets Are In The 85/15 “S” Humbuckers?

The PRS SE Standard 24 uses ceramic magnets. Mahogany is known to have a warm as well as a dark-sounding quality. Therefore, the bright top-end ceramic magnets are the ideal choice in this case. This great combination contributes greatly to the versatility and tonal balance as well as the performance of the guitar.

The Verdict

Overall, this guitar is good; it is versatile and able to withstand scratch. This guitar is lightweight which means you can carry it for some time on stage or offstage without getting tired. It is a great piece of equipment to travel with. It is reasonably priced; you will never find such a classic piece of equipment with exceptionally great sound quality and great finishes at that price anywhere. Therefore, I would highly recommend if you think you need a sturdy piece of equipment to look out for this masterpiece here. Thank you for taking your time to read my PRS SE Standard 24 review. Feel free to comment and of course read more of our in-depth articles.

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